Washing Machine Supply Hoses. Gray in color. Plastic exterior for superior water protection.

The Safest and Most Reliable Washing Machine Hose on the Market: The Flood Prevention Hose


Expecting a different result?

So, you’re thinking it’s about that time (every 5 years) to replace your appliance hose and its been awhile since you’ve researched the market for that new purchase.  You recall your usual choices: rubber hose or stainless-steel braided hose. The washing machine is located on the first floor of the home next to the newly remodeled kitchen, so you want to choose a well-constructed hose that will not leak and cause water damage and expensive repairs. 

Applying Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.” Can this apply to purchasing a washing machine hose? The answer is YES if you decide to buy rubber or stainless-steel braided hoses. 

Unknowingly, the purchase of a washing machine, dishwasher, steam dryer, and steam oven water supply hose may be your most important purchase in the house. Your water supply line is ALWAYS ON, when you’re sleeping, at work, on vacation, or at the grocery store. It is easy to visualize the amount of water damage that can result in a water leak of up to 7 gallons per minute (gpm) at low pressure or 23 gpm at high pressure. The average insurance water damage claim in this old house or this new house from a defective washing machine hose is greater than $60001  

PEACE-OF-MIND and FAIL-SAFE technology is available in the construction of a washing machine water supply hose. Recently marketable in North America, but with a 20-year history within European households, a water supply hose exists that protects your property from water damage. The hose assembly consists of two (2) hoses-in-one. If ever a leak within the interior nylon braided water carrier hose, the secondary plastic corrugated outer hose captures the leaking water and activates a mechanical shutoff valve in the head of the hose.   Never a drop of water on the floor! No need to purchase a new hose every 5 years! No worries! 

Washing machine water hose set. Eltek Flood Prevention Hose. Automatic water shutoff technology. Red hose for hot water. Blue hose for cold water.

The universal garden hose thread (GHT) hose will connect to any brand or model of washing machine, dishwasher, steam dryer, and select models of steam ovens. The Italian quality workmanship of the hose is so reliable it comes with a 5-year manufacturer insurance policy. If any water damage occurs resulting from workmanship, the manufacturer will pick up the insurance claim amount. 

You have now discovered a different result…the Flood Prevention Hose. 

1 Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety

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