How To Videos

This page provides a collection of how-to videos for the Eltek Water Block, E-WATERBLOCK, and Safety Hose products. The videos cover product overview, setup, installation, and how it works.

*How To Install A Fail-Safe, Flood Prevention Washing Machine Hose. Learn More About The Reasons Why Washing Machine Hoses Will Fail & Leak and How You Can Prevent Becoming Water's Next Insurance Victim.


*How The Eltek Water Block Water Shutoff Device Will Stop Toilet Hose, Flapper, And Overflow Tube Leaks & Running Water Events*

*How To Adjust The Settings On The Eltek Water Block Water Shutoff Device*

*How To Install The Water Block Horizontal Installation Kit On A Toilet As An Automatic Water Shutoff Device To Stop Leaks*

*How To Do A Vertical Install Of The Water Block Automatic Water Shutoff Device On A Toilet For Leak Prevention*

*How to Make Your Sprinkler or Irrigation System More Water-Efficient with the Water Block Automatic Shutoff Device*