Water Block in the horizontal position. Black plastic device. Made for automatically shutting off the water in running water and leak situations.

The Water Block: Your Homes New Guardian Angel For Water Damage Defense

The "Oh No, Where Did This Water Come From" Situation

Drip. Drop. Splish. Splash.

Have you ever tiptoed into your home only to find yourself wading through an unexpected water obstacle course? Picture this: it's been a long day, you walk into the kitchen, and there it is, a small pool forming at your feet. Or perhaps, you have stared in disbelief as water gushes from your toilet supply line, turning your bathroom into a water war zone. Even scarier, imagine passing by the bottle filling station in the office and witnessing water flow freely with no one and no bottle in sight....is there a ghost?? If you've experienced any of these situations, then you understand the frustration or "oh crap moment" that comes with it.

And as if that frustration wasn't enough, the aftermath of water damage can financially drown you. The bills for repairs and restoration swim ominously overhead, threatening to sink your hard-earned savings or potentially increase your insurance bill. It's enough to make anyone feel like they're surfing on the edge of insanity, right?

But, dear reader, what if I were to tell you a secret? A secret that could rescue you from the depths of despair? Prepare to meet the Water Block: a true oasis of protection, a beacon of hope amidst the turbulent waters. This extraordinary device is a 100% mechanical, automatic water shutoff system, and it's here to wash away all your worries.

With the Water Block, you can finally find solace in a durable and straightforward solution. No more sleepless nights plagued by the fear of leaks, or the costly damage water can leave in its wake. This innovative marvel is the home's ultimate flood defender—an armor that seamlessly shields your precious sanctuary against unforeseen water catastrophes.

This is more than just a gadget; it's the guardian angel of your cherished belongings and beloved hardwood floors. This remarkable device doesn't rely on fancy technology or intricate sensors; it's purely mechanical, always ready to spring into action when water mischief threatens your abode. It's a sturdy knight that stands tall, sword at the ready, prepared to slay even the most cunning leaks.

Bid farewell to financial ruin and wave hello to the peace of mind you've been desperately searching for. The Water Block is an affordable, uncomplicated addition to your home that can be effortlessly installed. No intensive plumbing knowledge or superhuman strength required. It's a remedy that stands by your side, ever vigilant, ready to nip leaks in the bud before they spiral into full-blown nightmares.

Embark on a journey where water troubles are just a distant memory. Embrace the tranquility of a dry oasis with the Water Block as your guiding light. Your home or business deserves the protection and tender care it provides. So why delay? Dive into the future of flood defense and reclaim control of your pristine sanctuary by investing in the Water Block.

What is the Water Block and How Does It Work?

Today, we'll be exploring the amazing capabilities of the Water Block, a device that may seem simple on the surface, but holds incredible potential.

Water Block Overview:

The Water Block is a 3.5" long, automatic, water overflow safety and shutoff device that installs directly onto any small diameter water supply line (1/4" up to 3/4"). It simply measures and monitors water consumption, and when this consumption volume goes beyond a preset limit, the device will automatically activate an internal valve and restrict water flow. This is what makes it the ideal flood stop device.

Picture of a Water Block in the vertical position. This is a 100% mechanical water shutoff device for homes, properties, apartments, businesses, commercial environments, and more. Flood stop technology.Water Block Shutoff Device

How Does the Water Block Work:

How does it work? The Water Block is fairly simple and works off basic mechanics. It utilizes an internal gear and spring system to determine the volume of water that has passed through it, triggering the shutoff mechanism when necessary. This device has 10 unique settings, each allowing for a cumulative flow of 1.3 gallons. But what does this mean for you? Well, these settings give you the flexibility to choose the ideal water shutoff point based on your specific needs. For example, setting number 1 allows for the continuous flow of 1.3 gallons before activation. Meanwhile, setting number 5 accommodates 6.5 gallons of continuous flow, and setting number 10 permits an impressive 13 gallons. The settings can be easily adjusted by turning a small dial on the outlet or "male" side of the Water Block. A small arrow indicates which setting the device is set at. Just ensure that the arrow directly aligns with the desired setting. Once the shutoff setting has been determined, the device will be ready for use.

Internal view of the Water Block shutoff device. Seen in the picture are the gears, dials, and spring system. The Water Flow will compress the spring and the device will shutoff once the desired spring range is exceeded.Water Block Internal Mechanics 


Animation Video of How The Water Block Mechanics Work

Water Block Automatic Reset:

Now, let's address an important aspect – continuity. The Water Block is designed to reset itself automatically and restart the measurement cycle whenever there is any interruption or complete halt in the water flow. This means you won't have to deal with manually resetting the device every time you use your appliance or application. A quick example would be the filling of a toilet that has a Water Block on the supply line. After a flush, the tank will fill to a predetermined level. Once that level is reached, water flow would stop thus resetting the Water Block and making it ready for the next flush.

Water Block Leak Shutoff Capabilities:

If the device automatically resets, how does it stop leaks? Since leaks typically involve a continuous flow event, the Water Block will not be able to reset. Once that leaks total volume reaches the shutoff setting, the device will activate, thus stopping the leak. So, if the Water Block ever does activate, this may be a good indication that you have a leak or running water situation that needs to be investigate and addressed. You can check to see if the Water Block has activated by unscrewing the downstream connection and checking if the red indicator pin is extended. If extended, press to reset.

Water Block red indicator pin. Press pin for reset. Water Block settings on device inner rim. Settings dial for setting selection.        

Water Block Indicator/Reset & Settings Dial

Water Block Activation:

So, what happens when the Water Block is activated? First and foremost, it is essential to investigate the reason behind its activation. Is the shutoff volume limit set lower than what your appliance or application requires? For example, if a toilet uses 2 gallons per flush, the device should be set to 2 (or higher) on the dial. Alternatively, it could be a sign of a leak or running water event that needs immediate attention. Remember, the Water Block's activation is usually indicative of a valid concern that should be addressed promptly. To reset the Water Block, simply turn off the water supply valve. At this point, you have two options: manually unscrew and decompress the internal red indicator pin, or you can opt to acquire the reset tool device, a completely optional accessory that easily screws onto the Water Block, restoring the flow with minimal effort. Once reset, the device will be ready for the next use.

Water Block and Reset Device combination for easy reset. The reset device is completely optional and not necessary for reset, just convenience.Water Block with Optional Reset Device Configuration

Water Block Applications:

Last but not least, applications. You are probably curious as to where the Water Block can be installed. The answer is: pretty much anywhere where there is a supply line (1/4" to 3/4") and water flow. The Water Block can adapt to various flow line diameters through the use of brass fittings. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for virtually any appliance or application that utilizes water.

Here are some specific applications and connection locations for the Water Block:

  • Refrigerators: Connect the Water Block directly downstream of the refrigerator outlet box. The Water Block uses 1/4" fittings on the inlet and outlet side to connect to the water line. This configuration will protect against a burst line, bad connection, stuck ice maker water valve, and a running water dispenser situation.
  • Toilets: Connect the Water Block directly downstream of the toilet shutoff valve. The Water Block uses a 3/8" fitting for the connection. This configuration will protect against a hose burst, crimp leak, poor connection, deteriorating washer/gasket, flapper leaks, mineral deposit-based leaks, and running toilet situations.
  • Coffee Makers: Connect the Water Block directly to the water supply line. The Water Block uses 1/4" fittings on the inlet and outlet side to connect to the water line. This configuration will protect against a burst line, bad connection, stuck valve from mineral deposits, overflow situations, and a running water situation from a stuck open lever on the hot water tap.
  • High Efficiency Washing Machines: Connect the Water Block directly to the water supply valve. The Water Block has a 3/4" connection which allows for a direct connect. This will protect against a hose burst, crimp leak, poor connection, deteriorating washer/gasket, deteriorating rubber hose leak, and washing machine overflow events from open fill valves. Note: the washing machine must be high efficiency or use 13 gallons or less due to the Water Block maximum shutoff of 13 gallons.
  • Bottle Filling Stations: Connect the Water Block to the water supply line using 1/4" or 3/8" fittings. This configuration will protect against a burst line, bad connection, stuck valve, and phantom sensor running situations.
  • Irrigation Systems: Connect the Water Block directly to the 3/4" garden hose. This will protect from overwatering situations and allow the user to conserve water by automatically shutting off the water after a certain water volume. This configuration will also work on animal mist deterrent systems.

Other applications include but are not limited to sinks, showers, dishwashers, humidifiers, sprinklers, misting systems, water coolers, plant watering systems, ice makers, beverage machines, vending machines, bidets, water fountains, steam ovens, steam dyers, urinals, under cabinet water filtration systems, bilge pumps, and much more!

 Water Block installed on a toilet for complete water leak and flood prevention. Protects the toilet and water supply line. Automatic shutoff safety valve.Water Block Installed on Toilet

Water Block Considerations:

Now, as in all things, there are limitations that need to be considered after installing the device. Three points which need to be noted about the Water Block:

  • A Continuous Flow Event Is Required for Activation: To ensure that the Water Block operates seamlessly, a flow event greater than 0.5 gallons per minute would need to occur for device to accurately recognize the flow and shutoff, as necessary. Any smaller leak rate (like a slow drip) may not cause the valve to trigger.
  • There Are Minor Tolerances: The Water Block, like any other device, possesses minor tolerances. As a result, the 1.3-gallon settings may vary slightly, either higher or lower. For instance, a shutoff setting marked as 1 may actually trigger at 1.2 or 1.4 gallons. To ensure precise shutoff when expected, it's imperative to align the adjustment arrow on the setting dial with the desired setting number.
  • Only Provides Downstream Leakage Protection: It's worth noting that the Water Block only safeguards against leaks that develop downstream of its installation point. In order to have maximum protection, the device should be installed as close to the water supply valve as possible.

Water Block Summary:

Overall, the Water Block is a beacon of hope in a sea of worry. It's a lifeline for homeowners, property managers, building managers, and business owners alike, a way to protect your property and belongings from the devastating effects of water damage.

Think of all the things you can do with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe. You can travel the world without having to worry about a leaky faucet. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that your bathroom won't flood. And you can enjoy your home to the fullest, without the constant fear of water damage hanging over your head.

The Water Block is the key to a worry-free life. It's the investment that pays off in peace of mind.

So why wait? Order your Water Block today and start living your best water damage-free life!


Feel free to contact us at Info@HawkeyedWaterDefense.com or through our contact page if you have any questions regarding the Water Block design, operation, installation, or potential applications.


*Credit for the Animation Video: Eltek Group (Water Block Manufacturer)

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